Exhausted and Busy

Right before  I entered the second semester in my freshman year at Cal, I was almost sure I would be busy as fuck and it seems  I was right within less than a month; February spells out ‘torture’ for me because:

  • I had studied for a quiz for a Gender and Women’s Studies for a degree requirement, and realized reading through notes and the books – thus losing sleep – was pointless;
  • My housing application must be submitted by tomorrow and I believe I have a form error that needs a contact with the administration to resolve;
  • I have a quiz on Wednesday for my mathematics class on topics barely reviewed;
  • And midterms, essays, and much more!

That being said, I was planning to update on the small post I made about Koogi’s Killing Stalking or criticize the cancerous op-eds written by the staff of the Daily Cal on violent protest and hate speech. However, I will be occupied and will try to supply with interesting posts from people whose content I enjoy.

Tired of the Democratic Establishment?


“Help us recruit and run hundreds of candidates in a unified campaign to replace every establishment Congressperson in 2018. Together we will create a government that fight for all Americans”

~ Justice Democrats, for “Democrats That Represent the People, Not Corporations”

Even the smallest efforts pave the road to cleaner elections, accountability, and stronger civil rights; join the movement at https://justicedemocrats.com.

For more information, watch progressive YouTube news channel Secular Talk‘s video:

Someday, I Will Be Happy

Source: Imaresz, Image Link

A few months ago, I met my first and last meeting with a psychiatrist who explained that I do not have severe chronic depression but should place more focus on a motif in our session, so to speak: gender dysphoria. However, that was a new nightmare that my feelings could only be resolved by taking more consequences outside pills and therapy. I can hide antidepressants and therapy, but I can’t hide hormone replacement therapy and wardrobe changes. Meanwhile, there’s the ticking clock; people like to say that we have all time to decide and act, but time changes us and there are regrets that accompany unpleasant changes, regrets that blossom as I still decide whether gender dysphoria is still a problem for me.Read More »