Trump administration demands pre-publication political review of scientific findings by the EPA

This is the consequence of our post-truth politics where scientific theory is a political position and politicians such as President Donald J Trump continue to treat it as such.

Why Evolution Is True

When I used to get grants from government agencies like the National Institutes of Health, nobody, including the NIH itself, ever vetted my results. Although my research was funded by the taxpayers, I was free to disseminate it through publications, which were, of course, peer-reviewed. But they weren’t reviewed by the government.

That policy, however, apparently doesn’t apply when the taxpayer-funded research is actually done by government agencies themselves—at least not in this new administration. According to The Guardian and the New York Times (both are rewrites of Associated Press Reports), as well as other venues, the Trumpsters have put into play a new policy—one that demands that all scientific results released to the public first be vetted by POLITICIANS. As the NYT reports, this hold also applies to climate-change studies (my emphasis). Now the report is a bit unclear, as it implies that only existing data be vetted, while future work…

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