My Short Rant on #Watersportsgate

It is difficult for someone to ignore the stench of deception and compliance in the new media ecosystem, somewhere that everything is true and nothing is false as Barack Obama delineates. And the best representation of this ecosystem at play is the #Watersportsgate.

Keeping it SFW. Source: madzArt, Link

For those out of the loop, #Watersportsgate is the memos that claim that Russia has gathered ‘compromising’ evidence which they intend to use for blackmailing. Said evidence is the scrumptious ‘evidence’ that Trump had engaged in watersports (urination) on prostitutes. However, these claims are nonsensical, something as credulous as submitting a paper about how Barack Obama may be blackmailed by China for compromising evidence of intense scat play and then using that story to induce opposition from gullible readers. Furthermore, there is no evidence outside the claims, the source is unidentified and paid by forces of opposition (suspicious?), and there is a need for a spell-check in these incredulous memos. However, the news outlets are presenting this with the message, “Might be the story of the century, might not” (I am looking at you, Rachel Maddow). Absurdly, few politicians and pundits are pushing this story as if this is a legitimate security concern, you know. Like the birther conspiracy. Huh, I wonder why would the public feel nauseated with the direction of mainstream media.


Ironically, this mudslinging does not harm Trump’s image in the eyes of his supporters, only solidifying their expectations that they are in a chronic ‘us vs them’ fight against the liberals and their dog on a leash: the mainstream media. I understand the anger and frustration with having a right-wing President after eight years of an Obama administration, but running the word “Russia” with Trump is so exhaustingly stupid. That’s post-truth politics: evidence and policy means nothing, and all that matters is the tedious regurgitation of talking points and the one talking point I expect is that Trump is figuratively sucking the Kremlin’s cock.


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