Enough is Enough – Donna L. Brazile

“Sir, if you want to badger me like Donald Trump badgers women, you’re welcome to…”

– Interim DNC chair and former CNN contributor Donna L. Brazile when grilled on the Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks

The Democratic establishment continues to defend interim DNC chair Brazile who not only received the questions of the CNN debate in advance but biasedly forwarded it to candidate Hillary Clinton. In early November, the Washington Post reports that the shameless official verbalized her lack of remorse or guilt as a “strategist”, only saying on the radio that “if I had to do it all over again, I would know a hell of a lot more about cybersecurity” (Borchers, 2016).

Asked about how the wealthy can pay for access to Hillary Clinton (or insert any of the highest officials in our national government), she tries to dodge the question through victim playing before answering:

““First of all, Martha, the way I look at it, I’ve been a government official. So, you know, this notion that, somehow or another, someone who is a supporter, someone who is a donor, somebody who’s an activist, saying I want access, I want to come into a room and I want to meet people, we often criminalize behavior that is normal. And it’s, I don’t, I don’t see what the smoke is…”

You can reach Brazile at her Twitter handle @donnabrazile or on her official Contact page, and for her resignation, you can sign at the Bernie Delegates’ Network petition, “Call for DNC Chair Brazile to resign”. You can also contact the DNC at their Contact Us page, where you can voice your concerns with our interim DNC chairwoman.

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